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current series

Taking a Look at the Beatitudes

November 5  “Give It Because You Have Received It”  Matthew 5:7,8; Matthew 18:21-35  Jesus is adamant that receiving mercy and forgiveness MUST transform us. (message mp3 file here)

October 29  “The Blessings From Giving”  2 Corinthians 9:6-11  Jesus warns us that the primary competition for control in our lives is between God and money. The Bible tells us the many blessings that come from being giving (financial discipleship) people. (no recording)

October 22  “The Opposite of Fooling Ourselves”  Matthew 5:6; Romans 3:21-28  Jesus makes clear that the primary hunger in our lives should be to live righteously, not because it makes God like us, but because we have clearly seen how unrighteous we are compared to God. (message mp3 file here)

October 15  “Alive to God and Dead to Sin” Romans 6:1-14  On this Baptism Sunday, we look at what this action of faith and response to God means both theologically and practically  (message mp3 file here)

October 8  “Reality Check on My Devotion”  Matthew 5:4,5; Romans 7:21-25  One of our greatest temptations is to view ourselves as really good people, and to avoid taking serious the sin and failures in our lives. Jesus declares blessing on us when we mourn for our sins.  (message mp3 file here)

October 1  Special Guest – Walt White, specialist in communication and sharing faith with people of Muslim religion. Practical instruction on representing your faith in Jesus well. (message mp3 file here)

September 24  “I Got Nothin'”  Matthew 5:3; Revelation 3:14-22  Jesus tells us the path to blessing starts with us completely aware that we bring nothing to cause God to seek us. God seeks us because God is God — we simply need to be found and invited to God’s family. (message mp3 file here)


The 8 to 15 people God has Given to You to Care for and Influence

August 6  “Presenting our Faith and Ourselves”  Acts 4:13-22  This passage gives us the “faith uniform” for our spirits has we seek to help others find faith and represent Jesus. (message mp3 file here)

July 30 “Faith in God’s Saving Work”  Acts 15:1-11  Too bad we don’t have a fabulous movie of this first church meeting because the discussion and the results were AMAZING. (message mp3 file here)

July 23  “Intentional Connections”  1 Corinthians 9:19-23  Paul gives us great advice and perspective as we grow in our ability to share our faith with our Oikos and others. (message mp3 file here)

July 16  “It Deserves Full Attention”  Acts 3:1-11  Every person we know has God’s full attention. Our efforts to pray for them and share faith with them deserves our full attention. (mp3 message file here)

July 9  “Amazing Resource”  Acts 8:26-35  The Holy Spirit is an amazing resource, overcomes major obstacles and helps every believer as we represent Jesus and share our spiritual story. (mp3 file message here)

July 2 “Pentecost All Over Again”  Acts 10:44-48  There were really – not one – but four Pentecost type “events”. And each of them teaches something about God’s love and our instructions in sharing that love. (message not recorded)

June 25  Guest Presenter: Rev. Larry Rice

June 18  “Come and See”  John 1:35-51  A key action on our part as believers is to invite our Oikos – the 8 – 15 people God has around us – to come and see about Jesus. We are ushers and guides so others can discover what Jesus can be for them. (mp3 message file here)

Upcoming Events

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FREE Event
Christmas Crafts Fun Time
Dec. 2, Satruday — 9a-12n

Many creations possible – bring the neighbor kids along.
Email Christy Hitson for more info.

Hanging of the Greens
Nov. 29, Sunday 4:30p – 7:00p
Songs, Conversation, Food, Fun

Christmas Concert
Dec. 10, 5:00pm
Choral numbers, Ukulele sing-along, Soloists and more.

Recently Accomplished in “50 Ways to Love Your Neighbor”

December 2016  Kiva Kristmas  Pathway’s Kiva microlending team has past $50,000 in loans around the world given in $25 chunks. We launch into the next $50,000 as Pathway’s Christmas gift to the world.

8-28-16   22 backpacks stuffed with school supplies for a great start to the school year for under resourced families in Fremont. In cooperation with Compassion Network and other Tri-City churches

5-8-16 US for SAVE: Celebrating Mother’s Day by donating socks and underwear for the mothers and children housed in the domestic violence shelter. A total of 268 items (pairs of socks and undies) were delivered to SAVE the Monday after Mother’s Day.

4-1-16: 430 more personal toiletry items donated to the HOPE Van – bring total to over 8300 items.

3-20-16: 12 Easter dinner components collected and delivered to Compassion Network for “Joyful Bounty” giveaway. Over 200 Fremont families received a special dinner.

1-17-16: “Food Gift Cards for the Hunger” Currently making food gift cards available to Pathway people – they purchase and then give to hungry people as they see needs.

11-29-15: “Rice and Beans” #9  Over 250 lbs of rice and beans packed and delivered to the Viola Blythe Center in Newark for emergency food handouts.

11-25-15: “One Warm Coat” drive – over 50 coats and jackets donated and delivered for local and area distribution to homeless and others

10-24-15: “Make a Difference Day” Pathway team part of Cabrillo School improvements including painting hallways and putting up “backpack rails” for classrooms.

8-23-15: 33 equipped backpacks for “Back to School” project through Compassion Network to Fremont kids. The total distribution was over 1000 backpacks and 100 pairs of shoes for Fremont kids.

7-15-15: Pathway Micro-Lending team on Kiva.org passed $40,000 in micro loans around the world – $25 at a time.

6-6-15: 7 from Pathway part of “All Faiths Framing Weekend” for Habitat for Humanity EBSV at Martinez location

5-3-15:  CROP Walk #7 – $4550 raised with 25% coming back to Fremont

3-30-15: 10 Easter Dinners for Compassion Network distribution

12-14-14: Clean Water for Burma – over $1000

10-25-14:  Make a Difference Day – Mega Rice and Beans packing day for Viola Blythe Center- 500 lbs of rice, bean, and spices bagged and delivered

9-28-14: CROP Walk #6 – 5 congregations, 120 walkers, $7300 raised (25% comes back to Fremont)

7-13-14: Rice and Beans Day #8

7-6-14: “Sock it to Summer”  270 pairs of socks donated to SAVE residence for family members housed there escaping domestic violence.

7-1-14: Pathway Microlending Team passed 1000 loans through KIVA!!

6-10-14: Current Pathway Microlending Totals through KIVA – $28,750 given in 979 loans!

2-9-14: Cases of Soup for SAVE on “Souper Bowl” Sunday

1-19-14: Rice and Beans Day #7

1-12-14: Clean Water for Burma – over $1000

11-25-13: 15 Thanksgiving dinners complete with extras for Compassion Network effort

10-22-13: 22 Pathway people worked for ABODE services on “Make a Difference Day”

8-17-13: 15 fully equipped backpacks for Compassion Network “Back to School” project

6-30-13: Rice and Beans Day #6

4-21-13: CROP Walk“Raising Awareness and Funds to Defeat Hunger Locally and in the World”  5 congregations, 180+ walkers, $6800 raised, Centerville Free Dining Room receives the local portion.

3-24-15: 10 Easter Dinners contributed to Compassion Network’s Easter Dinner Give Away to under resourced families

2-23-13: Community Impact Day – Newark Jr Hi Make-Over – 17 Pathway people part of the 150 plus work crew and effort.

Feb, 2013: Leggo Your Eggos – 133 dozen eggs received and delivered to Tri-City Free Breakfast

Jan, 2013: Clean Water Project for Thailand and Burma – $1500 Given

11-11-12: Rice and Beans #5 AND KIVA milestones: over $15,000 loaned in over 500 loans by Pathway Micro-Lending team

10-27-12: Make a Difference Day – Pathway sorts and cleans bricks for Central Park (video above)

9-23-12: Items for SAVE residence (people seeking shelter from domestic violence)  Delivered: 2 months worth paper towels, toilet paper, size 3 and 4 diapers, laundry detergent PLUS 50+ Towel and washcloth sets for families to take with them when they leave the shelter.
4-29-12: CROP Walk #5: 5 congregations, 160 walkers, $7000 plus (video here)
2-12-12: $10,000 loaned through KIVA by Pathway Micro-Lending team (currently 38 members, 403 loans, $12,600 loaned)
2-12-12: 100 pints of blood donated (currently at 146)
1-22-12 – Rice and Beans #3
1-15-12 – $1145 for Clean Water Project in Burma (long distance neighbors)

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