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Do you have a basic intro brochure I can download?
Sure - right here!

What happens at Sunday morning worship?
Our worship gathering starts at 10:30a and we usually end about 11:40a. As you arrive, you will be welcomed, given the worship folder for the morning and made familiar with the building. Each worship gathering includes group singing of worship songs, some times of prayer, the message of the morning and a time to contribute (called "Giving of Tithes and Offerings"). See a sample worship folder here.

Are there fees for Sunday morning? Am I expected to contribute?
Worship guests are not expected to contribute and are welcome to respond to the time of the offering in anyway that seems comfortable to them. We "receive the offering" every service because giving back is an important part of spiritual growth and following Jesus Christ. (Pathway's only income is from the contribution of members and attenders. If you are want to know more about giving to Pathway, you can download this document.)

Do I have to join the church before participating a lot?
No. We welcome anyone with a spiritual interest in connecting to God and Jesus Christ. Joining a local congregation is an important step of spiritual growth and we expect a person will want to experience that group and get questions answered before doing so. (To see the Pathway membership relationship expectations, click here.)

How do most people dress for the worship gathering?
In our congregation, business casual is the most common level of dress. Some come more casual, only seldom are there shirts and ties level of dress. Women generally wear what would be comfortable in the work place.

How much do I have to know to come?
Nothing, and we really mean it. You don’t have to know the Bible or the basics of the Christian faith at all. We try to be aware of this and are always open to questions and discussions regarding our faith, the language of the faith and the content of the Bible.

Are children welcome?
Yes. We have trained child care people ready to care for toddlers and babies for the entire worship time. Children of the elementary age and young are in the worship gathering for about 20 minutes at the beginning, and then leave that gathering to go with another trained leader for a learning time planned for them.