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The Spirit and Values of Pathway

These values are the boundaries and guidelines for what actions, attitudes and relationships Pathway will choose.

Submitted to the Lordship of Jesus Christ

Partners in faith and growth

Integrating total life health

Respecting all people and all things God has created

Integrity in faith and life sharing

Trusting Grace for all our frailties

Six Spiritual Growth Commitments

Each person who becomes a member of TABC declares they will grow in each of the following areas. The staff and leaders are expected to provide instruction and events for this growth. The TABC'er is expected to use these various opportunities to grow into what Christ wants each one to be.

• Make a high priority of attending worship celebrations

• Participate in personal and group Bible study and grow in my personal knowledge of the Bible;

• Participate in a small group for prayer and encouragement;

• Discover and use my spiritual gifts in ministry and service;

• Grow in my practice of the tithing principle in finances and all that God has given me to manage;

• Grow in my ability to share my faith and invite people into the Kingdom of God.