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Pathway Mission

      and Vision

Pathway’s Mission: Pathway exists to develop Christ-followers who passionately do God’s work in the world.

Pathway’s Vision: We see Pathway as a growing, diverse community of Christ-followers who transform their world through God’s love.

Why Pathway

A pathway has a destination

A pathway is a journey and a process

A pathway is known by others who have gone before – mentors and helpers and guides

A pathway has dangers on the sides and help to get back on the path

A pathway is never a straight line – has turns and hills that must be negotiated

A pathway has a community that uses it, shares it, and maintains it

Core Beliefs

     and Values

We believe God, the Creator of all things, loves all people. Therefore, we will love all people and all creation.

We believe God the Father provides the path to wholeness through a relationship with him. Therefore, we will admit our brokenness and become agents of hope, health and wholeness. 

We believe God the Son, Jesus, through his earthly life, death and resurrection, restores broken relationships with God and others. Therefore, we will connect others with Jesus and his restoring work.

We believe God the Holy Spirit, alive in every Christ-follower, reveals truth and provides the power to transform our lives and our world. Therefore, we will rely on the Spirit’s power to obey God’s truth and impact our community.

We believe the Bible reveals truth from God, about God, ourselves, and His will for all people. Therefore, we will, with integrity, study, apply and teach the Bible.

We believe the Church is the community of Christ-followers working together to do God’s work in the world. Therefore, we will work with other Christ-followers to accomplish God’s work in our world.

We believe Christ-followers worship by honoring God with joy, gratitude and obedience in everything they do. Therefore, we will offer our whole life in praise and service to God.

We believe prayer, for ourselves and others, aligns us with God’s will, releasing his power and blessing. Therefore, we will rely on prayer to identify God’s will in everything we do.