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We gather on Sunday for family worship (10:30a) to give thanks to God, attention to God’s direction, and to encourage each person in their spiritual lives. The dress is casual, the music is contemporary and the teaching gives help for every day.  The children and youth are released midway through the  worship time for discussion and learning with teachers. Worship is followed by a short time of refreshments for connecting and getting acquainted.

What to Expect

You will be greeted as the welcome guest you are. The glass doors lead to the worship center. You will find people enthusiastic about connecting to others, grow the spiritual life, wanting others to join along. We take seriously the values of being Pathway Community, helping each other along, caring for our neighborhood and city.

A Christian is one who:

(The ABC’s of Christian faith)

  • Believes God exists and God desires a relationship with us.
  • Admits there is something not right in his/her life, and in relationship with God (the Bible calls this sin).
  • Believes Jesus Christ is God, was born on earth and died for us, forgives us for our sins,
    and makes eternal life possible through His death and resurrection.
  • Understands and agrees with Jesus Christ that we need forgiveness, help and life.
  • Chooses to receive this forgiveness, help, and life and chooses to follow Jesus Christ in life and dedication.

I have some questions:

Contact us as soon as you like. We are very glad to answer any questions about this congregation or the Christian faith that follows Jesus.